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> Thanks for the feedback Scott! Appreciate you giving it a read. I know
> there's a lot there.
> Yeah, got to #4 and totally hit TL;DR; but will R more later

> >         Although Upstart is used on on a number of different Operating
> >         Systems (including Ubuntu, Google's Chromium OS and Google's
> >         Chrome OS), the Ubuntu version is considered the "reference
> >         implementation". This is primarily due to the fact that
> >         Upstart was written specifically for Ubuntu (although this
> >         does not mean that it cannot run on any other Linux-based
> >         system).
> >
> >
> > I'd disagree with this. Reference implementation always implies that
> > other implementations should copy it as much as possible, and Ubuntu
> > is no way that. As long as Ubuntu still uses a hybrid of Sys V and
> > Upstart jobs, it can never be a reference implementation.
> >
> >
> > It may be that you mean what the document corresponds to, in which
> > case use a different term ;-)
> Good point. I would have to agree that the use of the term "reference
> implementation" is incorrect. I don't know of a term that best describes
> what it is succinctly.
> How about "The most complete implementation of the intended use of
> Upstart." ?
> But again, Ubuntu isn't really using Upstart how it's intended.

Chromium OS, WebOS and Maemo (mayitrestinpeace) are far closer because they
got to start off from scratch.

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