planning for UDS-O

Allison Randal allison at
Thu Mar 24 23:28:05 UTC 2011

UDS-O is fast approaching, and while we're all noses down getting Natty 
out the door, blueprints for Oneiric aren't too far off. I've been 
thinking lately about how we plan for UDS, and how we engage with 
upstreams around that planning. This is partly based on the 
brainstorming we did leading up to UDS-M, partly on suggestions from 
many people (thanks all), and partly on my own observations.

Here's my thought on a schedule that might work, to start some discussion.

* now-ish - April 7th: Thinking about and discussing topics and 
high-level needs, on ubuntu-devel and within various teams. Start to 
contact upstreams who may contribute to or be affected by plans for 
Oneiric for their input into the process. This is parallel to the 
high-level brainstorming we did last cycle, and I'll volunteer my time 
again to summarize and look for gaps (with the summary as a wiki table, 
for easier collaboration).

* April 8th-28th: More indepth conversations, inside the Ubuntu 
community and with upstreams, downstreams, and partners. Begin drafting 
blueprints. Review popular ideas from for 
potential discussion at UDS.

* April 29th-May 5th: Natty release is done, get blueprints ready for 
UDS. The idea is not to hard-bake plans and specifications for the 
Oneiric cycle before UDS, but to have a clear idea of what needs 
discussion at UDS, so we make the best use of our limited time together 
in person. [The UDS schedulers will have some input here about when they 
need blueprints.]

* May 9th-13th: UDS-O

* May 14th-26th: Mailing list discussion, review topics discussed at 
UDS, what was decided, what was missed? Solidifying the specifications 
and workitems from UDS discussions, leads up to FeatureDefinitionFreeze.

What's missing? What would you do differently/better? Does this seem 
interesting/useful, like something worth trying out?


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