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On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 2:34 PM, James Hunt <james.hunt at>

> Clint and I have been hard at work on an "Upstart Cookbook". Although it
> is "early days", we wanted to let you all know we're working on this
> project. Our (still *very* draft!) efforts can be viewed here:
Nice work, some comments on the copy of 1-4 below:

Although Upstart is used on on a number of different Operating Systems
> (including Ubuntu, Google's Chromium OS and Google's Chrome OS), the Ubuntu
> version is considered the "reference implementation". This is primarily due
> to the fact that Upstart was written specifically for Ubuntu (although this
> does not mean that it cannot run on any other Linux-based system).

I'd disagree with this. Reference implementation always implies that other
implementations should copy it as much as possible, and Ubuntu is no way
that. As long as Ubuntu still uses a hybrid of Sys V and Upstart jobs, it
can never be a reference implementation.

It may be that you mean what the document corresponds to, in which case use
a different term ;-)

A notification sent by Upstart to all interested parties (either jobs or
> other events). They can be thought of as "signals". Events are *emitted*(created
> and then broadcast) to the entire Upstart system.

Events can be more than just signals, I've made a point of documenting this
recently, so this just confuses the issue.

   - Events are like
   - Events are like
   - Events are like Hooks<>

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