Patch Pilot Report 2011-03-18

Scott Moser smoser at
Fri Mar 18 20:53:11 UTC 2011

   I have only PPU access to the Ubuntu archive, and no items in the list
fell into my permissions, so I mainly just review and get things into
better state for the next person.

   I have one general question, if something should not really be on the
queue, what should be done ?  Specifically, bug 696560 is in a
"waiting for input from the patch author" state.  It seems like it would
be best to get such things off of that queue so other patch sponsors do
not waste time coming to the same conclusion.

   Below is my full set of notes.  At the bottom is "Trival core-dev or
motu fixes".  Those listed there I think someone with appropriate upload
permissions could just grab and fix very quickly.


* Sync bzr 2.3.1-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)

  upstream suggested minor bug-fix package bump for bzr.  packaging changes
  and requires configobj bump (bug 737491)

  Seems reasonable to trust upstream request for sync

* getty can't execute a login program with arguments

  Commented on the attached patch, and asked for patch to be sent upstream.

* Wrong time format shown at login screen (gdm) for locale pt-PT

  At the moment this looks like it should not be in the queue. the patch
  provided needs work and was asked to be sent upstream.

* Zone error at start and click Today button

  Looked at the patch, seems reasonable.  I asked the submitter to submit an
  upstream bug and to make changes to debian/changelog.

* mount (silently) ignores options for bind mounts

  Suggested the patch be sent upstream.  This would seem to me to be a
  significant change in behavior in ubuntu versus upstream, and it would at
  least make sense to get upstream thoughts.  I suspect it is not as simple
  as it first appears.

== Trivial core-dev or motu fixes ==
* lp:~bhaveekdesai-gmail/ubuntu/natty/txt2regex/bug-736326

  This is a very simple typo fix, should just be accepted
  I asked in ubuntu-devel for someone to look at it

* fwts: 32 bit ACPI table pointers break when running on 64 architectures

  This is request from upstream ( to pull bug
  fix version of fwts. Probably should just be pulled in. there is a ppa
  build and debdiff at

* SDL rendering issue: graphic corruption while scrolling right

  This patch from upstream has been pulled in gentoo.  It looks simple enough
  to easily take.  I made one nitpick on the commit (filename in
  The bug opener pinged me to take a look, so he/she is interested and would
  be good to keep the good experience going.

* lirc init script doesn't disable other methods on natty

  I'm not able to test this due to lack of hardware, but the patch to
  the init script seems sane, with the only flaw that the changes will
  probably fail when using an older kernel on natty the same way they fail
  right now on natty.

  I put together a merge proposal for the submitter's patch.

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