ANN: X stack getting minor ABI bump

Bryce Harrington bryce at
Fri Mar 18 08:22:04 UTC 2011

We are doing an ABI bump to X today, and will be doing rebuilds of most
all of the video drivers.

You may see warnings about "held-back packages" - don't worry, just wait
a few hours and try your upgrade again.

The server needs to be uploaded first so the new drivers build against
the correct ABI, which means that there will be a period where safe
upgrades will have held-back packages.  The dependencies should ensure
that you won't accidentally get a non-working combination of Xserver and
drivers, but be careful if an upgrade wants to remove X packages.

This ABI bump gets us to the final ABI for xserver.  This final ABI is
the one that official builds of -fglrx and -nvidia binary drivers will


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