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Vishnoo vish at
Fri Mar 11 13:01:23 UTC 2011

On Sat, 2011-03-05 at 12:18 +0100, Dani Gutiérrez Porset wrote:
> Hi, Ubuntu friends,
> first of all thanks a lot for your good and hard work in favour of
> free software for the whole world.
> I'd like to share with you this post where I ["weakly"] analyse some
> statistics. Feel free to disagree or to share ;)
Nice analysis.

Just a little note :
" 1       Asia/Calcutta"

That corresponds to India and it is not the right count.. ;-)

I'm aware that there are more than 1 MOTU from India.(no, I'm not MOTU) 
So, If someone is assessing the number of developers from India that
count is misleading.

There is a problem with the OpenID login, when we have the Launchpad
timezone set to "Asia/Calcutta", we can not login into wiki or a few
other sites using OpenID. 
So, many of us have different timezones set. Like for example, I have my
time zone set to UTC. (though I'm not sure of the state of the problem
as of today. I'm not also sure what other TZ's are affected by the bug)

Also, some people dont really set the right TZ.. :-)


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