Patch Pilot Report 2011-03-14

Dustin Kirkland kirkland at
Mon Mar 14 17:37:24 UTC 2011

 * lp:~jamesodhunt/ubuntu/natty/vim/add-upstart-syntax
   - merged upstart vim syntax improvements, James has already sent upstream
   - tried to upload, and I see that it's already in the archive, udd
branch out of sync
   - cjwatson offered to handle this one

 * 415586
   - found that this patch was already applied upstream and is in
Natty's xchat-gnome
   - marked bug fix-released, no action necessary

 * 734736
   - grabbed code, tried to apply, and I see that it was uploaded 30 minutes ago
   - my copy of was out of date

 * 734331
   - fix little packaging/build bug

 * 726182
   - fix dkms build issue
   - reworked the diff to be a patch in debian/patches
   - uploaded

 * 357847
   - talked to pitti, he'd rather review this one himself, as it's a
new feature to apport and he's not quite happy with the implementation

 * 630383
  - prepped SRU, and uploaded

 * 707479
  - held off on uploading this one;  seems that jhunt is nearly done
with a big merge for natty;  wait for that to complete

 * 722739
  - prepared a debdiff, attached to the bug
  - declined to upload, though, as this seems to me to require an FFE

 * 733169
  - examined, but it looks like the package maintainer is on top of this one

I need to focus on other things now, but I'll be in IRC if anyone
needs something specific sponsored through the rest of the day.


Dustin Kirkland
Ubuntu Server, Core Developer
Canonical, LTD

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