Qt3 and LSB compliance

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Thu Mar 3 09:24:46 UTC 2011

Till Kamppeter [2011-03-02 21:12 +0100]:
> I did not know that Universe is activated by default. Then it is no
> problem for the printer drivers to pull "lsb" from Universe. So for
> most users the drivers simply install and "just work".


> But how is it working with commercial support customers who buy
> LSB-based commercial software?

If that software is using Qt3, and has a problem with it, then at
least we have a better explanation why we can't help with it.

> And how do system-config-printer and Jockey behave for these
> customers if due to missing "lsb" (when Universe is turned off) the
> printer driver packages cannot get installed?

Then these drivers will obviously not install. But if you are in an
environment where you explicitly turn off universe because you only
want to run officially supported software, then you quite likely don't
want third-party drivers either?

As Scott already said I see no hurry to changing all these rdepends
for natty still. I'd be fine to do that in O, in coordination with
Debian. Jonathan, what time scale did you have in mind?



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