Toolchain-related FTBFS Jam today

Stefano Rivera stefanor at
Wed Jun 29 13:38:24 UTC 2011

We have a fairly high number of FTBFS packages in the archive at the
moment, a good chunk of them due to toolchain changes (the linker in

As Nigel announced on the Planet [0], we're having a jam to try and fix
a bunch of them. Come and join us in #ubuntu-motu today (or for the rest
of the week), and get a few more packages building. We've picked a bunch
of no-add-needed and as-needed issues to work on [1]


I see someone already started last night \o/

In total, it looks like around 200 packages failing to build [2],
although there has been some decent progress since I started keeping an
eye on it [3]


For more details on these issues, see [4] and [5].



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