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Thu Jun 23 20:18:43 UTC 2011

Hey Barry,

Barry Warsaw [2011-06-23 15:32 -0400]:
> * The version numbers are borked.  Ubuntu has 1.0a~svn1124-0ubuntu2 while sid
>   has 1.0.1-3.  The Ubuntu version number is higher, but it represents an
>   older version of the upstream library.  So we'll have to play games with the
>   version numbers when we update the Ubuntu package.
>   (e.g. 1.0a.isreally.1.0.1-3ubuntu1 or some such).

Right, I strongly recommend not to use an epoch, as then we'll never
ever be able to sync to Debian any more.

> * From the debian/changelog of the Ubuntu branch, it looks like Rodney and
>   Martin have made in-tree changes, not all of which have been applied
>   upstream.  This will make it even more difficult to merge, because your
>   fixes are more difficult to separate out.

I really just sponsored a patch for Rodney back then. I'm afraid I
have no first-hand experience with the package itself, I never
actively used it. So I defer to Rodney for checking whether we still
need our patches.


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