New Launchpad feature: Diff between Sid and Oneiric

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Fri Jun 17 17:46:45 UTC 2011

Julian Edwards <julianf.edwards at> wrote:

>On Friday 17 June 2011 16:51:32 Scott Kitterman wrote:
>> Sure. I did the URL by hand and not with a script. I had always
>> that since LP supports batch sizes up to 300 using then was
>> just not part of the standard U/I.
>> This is, BTW, relevant since this feature will, in an Ubuntu context,
>> always have large package lists.  Trying to batch through them 75 at
>> time isn't very feasible.
>I think that someone who wants to batch through pages that big is
>functionality somewhere else.  In this case I think it's the poor
>critera that currently exist on that page and we plan to fix that.
>Also, batching through smaller pages will always be a bit quicker than 
>rendering massive ones all at once.  The current default batch size is
>quick to render.

I generally agree with this, but I do sometimes scan the whole Main or Universe lists on MoM to see if there's anything interesting. I doubt I could reduce this to some kind of search criteria. I don't know what will be interesting until after I find it.

Scott K

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