Partial dh_python2 transitions

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri Jun 17 05:22:21 UTC 2011

Matthias Klose [2011-06-17  0:43 +0200]:
> I would be surprised if it does work. 

Who knows, I never tested it..

> so please do not consider this hack for any further "transition", but use the
> Breaks approach, and/or prepare a series of uploads in a PPA.

That is indeed easier in Ubuntu/with PPAs, but in Debian it's more
complicated. Some GNOMEish packages are still in experimental, and
their upload to sid is blocked by something else. Testing migration
would also need to happen at the exact same time. Also, the full and
correct set of Breaks: would be quite an intangible mess; we'll add
some, but as all of the ~ 15 binaries would then break all of the
others, they aren't easy to get right.

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