[dpkg-dev] auto-generated patch too easily included (debian/patches/debian-changes-*))

Andreas Moog amoog at ubuntu.com
Wed Jun 15 18:33:08 UTC 2011

On 06/15/2011 07:40 PM, Dave Walker wrote:

> Currently, if the upstream code is changed (anything other than
> debian/*).. When dpkg-buildpackage is run, an automated patch is
> created. This is a really nice feature, but it is very easy to miss
> this. I have seen multiple uploads where these auto-generated patches
> have been included accidentally (I have also been guilty of this).

There is a lintian tag for this, format-3.0-but-debian-changes-patch.

> This can be overridden locally with:
> $ cat ~/.devscripts
> DEBUILD_DPKG_BUILDPACKAGE_OPTS="--source-option=--abort-on-upstream-changes"
> I think the chance of someone wanting an auto-generated patch is low,
> and would like to suggest the default is changed to fail to create the
> source package.

If that is done, people will run into a problem when they try to change
a problematic debian package. That might introduce unnecessary diffs to
debian. (because the package will fail on ubuntu)

If you want to change the default, it would be better to coordinate with



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