Ubuntu live filesystem builds moved to live-build

Daniel Baumann daniel.baumann at progress-technologies.net
Tue Jun 14 06:52:19 UTC 2011

On 06/14/2011 12:38 AM, Colin Watson wrote:
> I've moved Ubuntu's live filesystem build process over from our original
> custom shell script in livecd-rootfs to the newer live-build system from
> Debian (formerly called live-helper).

nice; would you mind having ubuntu listed on
live.debian.net/project/downstream ?

> my goal is,
> if at all possible, to be using an unpatched version of live-build from
> Debian by the time we release Oneiric.

shouldn't be a problem :) don't hesitate to let me know whenever you
need an upload in order to trigger a sync.

>  * If necessary, there are various hook script facilities that you can
>    use: for example, scripts in config/chroot_local-hooks/ are run in
>    the chroot near the end of the chroot build process.  Try to keep
>    this to a minimum, though; I'm trying to avoid using hook scripts in
>    builds for Ubuntu proper, as it would be better for live-build to do
>    the right thing out of the box without the need for hooks.

let me reaffirm: we'll include any ubuntu modification happily, hooks
really should only be used for specific private modification, any
'generic' image (like debian or ubuntu; in contrast to a specific image
for a specific institution with hardcoded local defaults) should be
buildable by using live-builds defaults for that distribution. that way,
we can make sure that it's as easy and simple as possible for people to
build customized images on top of debian or ubuntu.

>    now, the only hook script I'm using is one to remove icon-theme.cache
>    from Kubuntu images.

this, and the other two outstanding additions (apt-xapian, mlocate) are
blocked until the internals are a bit updated in live-build to scale
nicer for more distributions and more distro specific hooks (adding it
right now would just clutter it some more). anyhow, that should happen
within the next 1 or at latest 2 weeks (#630395).


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