Transitioning Python 2 helpers to dh_python2

Barry Warsaw barry at
Thu Jun 9 18:25:09 UTC 2011

One of the blueprints for Oneiric centers around transitioning our Python
packages to use the dh_python helpers.  For Python 3, there's no question that
dh_python3 is the helper to use.

For Python 2, we have three helpers.  dh_python2 is the new goodness and we
want to transition all our Python 2 packages to use it.  python-central is
deprecated in Debian, so this transition should be uncontroversial.
python-support is not deprecated, so in Debian it is up to the maintainer to
accept patches to move to dh_python2.

At the very least, we would like to remove python-central and python-support
from the Oneiric CDs.  Ideally, we'd be able to get rid of them from Ubuntu

Here's where you can help!

This wiki page is the central place for coordinating the transition in Ubuntu:

and this is the blueprint that tracks the work:

If you're looking to build your packaging cred by helping with the
transitions, I am willing to help sponsor your work.  Take a look at the
packages listed on the various pages and bugs, and try to convert them to
dh_python2.  If you can submit a merge proposal, that would be fantastic;
please add me as a reviewer (Launchpad ID: barry) and I'll sponsor your upload
if it looks good.

My recommendation would be to start with the packages that are on one of the
CDs, and which only use pysupport or pycentral on Ubuntu.  Those we can change
in Ubuntu without coordination through Debian.  Then move on to the pycentral
packages on the Ubuntu CDs, followed by the pysupport packages on the CD.  For
these, please do check with Debian 1) to see if there is a newer version of
the package that now uses dh_python2; 2) to submit a patch for pycentral
packages or check with the Debian maintainer for pysupport packages.

Thanks, and feel free to ping me on IRC (nick: barry) if you have any

My wiki page referenced above has links to the Debian wiki pages that provide
instructions on how to do the migrations.

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