Patch pilot report for 2011-06-08

Jamie Strandboge jamie at
Wed Jun 8 23:39:09 UTC 2011

LP: #750339 - request-tracker3.8 security update for lucid and
request-tracker3.6 for hardy. This took a while due to lots of review
(many CVEs fixed in each), building in our proposed ppa, shuffling to
-proposed and setting all tags/subscriptions as per

LP: #788818 - unbound security update for lucid and maverick. Review,
ACK, upload. Waiting on builds for publication.

LP: #791497 - gnome-packagekit in Ubuntu. Review, strip out irrelevant
changes in debdiff (based on feedback in the bug), comment in bug and
upload. Sitting in NEW.

LP: #790101 - gkamus FTBFS. Review, ACK, upload

LP: #794655 - gwyddion not compatible with unity. Review, ACK upload to
natty-proposed. Do steps 3 and 4 of StableReleaseUpdates#procedure.

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