Do you use Binary package hint: line in bug description?

Bryce Harrington bryce at
Wed Jun 8 22:08:24 UTC 2011

On Wed, Jun 08, 2011 at 05:52:17PM -0400, Francis J. Lacoste wrote:
> Hello,
> When user file bugs on the distribution and enter a package name in the 
> widget, Launchpad automatically adds a line to the description with
> Binary package hint: binarypackagename
> That binarypackagename actually comes from the last binary generated from the 
> sourcepackage found by the user. (If the user actually entered a binary 
> package name, we will find the corresponding sourcepackage name and then set 
> the binarypackage hint line to the 'official binary name' - not the one 
> entered to the user.)
> Is that "feature" useful to you? The logic to retrieve this binary package 
> name is really convulated and there doesn't seem to be a strong use case for 
> it. I'd really like to get rid of it. But maybe that Binary package hint: is 
> really useful to you?

Personally in my own usage I find it unuseful and cluttery.  I generally
delete it if I am editing bug descriptions.  I've never encountered a
situation where it was of any use.

I double-checked with Brian Murray, who has a broader view of bugs; he
doesn't see a usefulness for it either.

> Additional notes: that only happens when user file bugs through email or the 
> /ubuntu/+filebug page (which is hidden away behind a wiki page discouraging 
> people to use it).
> That's different from the comment added 'The original reporter indicated...' 
> which is added when we cannot find a related source package to what the user 
> entered.
> Eagerly waiting for your ok to fire the deletion trigger :-)

+1 from me.  Fairly sure no one will even miss it.


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