Patch Pilot Report - 2011-06-06

Bryce Harrington bryce at
Wed Jun 8 03:01:14 UTC 2011

lp:~pro-mathesh812004/ubuntu/oneiric/xkeyboard-config/oneiric (Merged)
lp:~promathesh812004/ubuntu/oneiric/xkeyboard-config/oneiric (Dupe; Merged)
lp:~promathesh812004/ubuntu/oneiric/xkeyboard-config/75 (Dupe; Merged)
  - Some new keyboard layouts for West Bengal, India
  - Filed bug report #793778; forwarded it upstream for review
  - Merged into xkeyboard-config 2.2.1-1ubuntu2

LP: #793042 xkeyboard-config
  - Revert ellipsis back to greater for hungarian layouts, which was
    felt to be more efficient even if it adds some redundancy.
  - Verified change already is upstream; packaged patch into
    xkeyboard-config 2.2.1-1ubuntu2

LP: #770354 xkeyboard-config
  - Fixes 7 keys on cz layout.
  - Unclear if this fix should be applied to all cz layouts or just this
    keyboard.  Forwarded patch upstream for advice.

LP: #13371 bittorrent
  - licensing issues appear to be hindering this patch from going in.
    No activity in several years.  Closing as wontfix.

LP: #251026 nfs-utils
  - Unmount the nfsd fs when init script stops nfs
  - Patch sponsored and uploaded

LP: #458020 postgresql
  - Fix typo in a macro
  - Pitti has unreleased changes in a personal branch; incorporated this
    fix on top of that branch and posted to lp:~bryce/postgresql/debian-9.0
  - Patch sponsored and uploaded

LP: #572016 mountall
  - Correct grammar on user-visible strings
  - Straightened up patch a bit, packaged, uploaded in mountall 2.26.

LP: #654099 xdg-open
  - Fixes unicode in filename paths
  - Verified patch is already in natty; closed bug

LP: #391846 libdatetime-astro-sunrise-perl
  - Cleans up a warning message
  - Verified patch is already in natty; closed bug

LP: #251785 mutt
  - Show the correct unread mail count when leaving a mailbox
  - Was fixed upstream for oneiric; closed oneiric bug task.
  - Opened Lucid and Natty tasks for SRU.

LP: #228160 lshw
  - Adds gksu for lshw-gtk
  - Verified patch is already in oneiric; closed bug.
  - Opened nominations in case someone wants to pursue SRUs, but doesn't
    seem critical enough to warrant them to me.

LP: #109132 emacs-goodies-el
  - egocentric.el highlighting customizations don't take effect
  - Verified patch is already in natty; closing bug

LP: #722739 xchat-gnome
  - Minimize xchat to panel rather than closing it
  - Patch already went through patch-pilot sponsorship but fell through
    the cracks (missed getting a FFe for natty).
  - Uploaded to oneiric

LP: #515369 xkeyboard-config
  - Certain keycode customizations can't be set
  - Patch was misfiled.  Verified upstream now includes a roughly
    equivalent fix; suggested filing a new bug report if the other
    changes in the patch are still worth pushing for.  Closed bug.

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