Do lucid-updates/main packages fall under the LTS security updates policy?

Alon Swartz alon at
Mon Jun 6 07:43:20 UTC 2011

A while ago a question was raised on the TurnKey forums [1] whether
packages in lucid-updates/main fall under the LTS security updates
policy that they will be updated and supported until LTS end-of-life.

The specific package in question is a backport of the maverick kernel to
lucid: linux-image-generic-lts-backport-maverick

I'm inclined to say that lucid-updates/main falls under the policy, but
regarding the above mentioned package I'm a little confused, mainly due
to the fact of 'maverick' appearing in the name. Will the package be
maintained with security updates until the end-of-life of maverick,
lucid, or ...?

Depending on the policy, it might be a good idea to tweak the naming
convention to avoid confusion.


Alon Swartz

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