Patch Pilot Report UTC Feb 24

Micah Gersten micah at
Thu Feb 24 08:38:09 UTC 2011

[Bug 719264] New upstream release 0.11.4 (sbackup)
Debian changelog mirrored upstream changelog
Debian dir changes undocumented
 unsubscribed sponsors and assigned to reporter

[Bug 719725] Newer Version Available (medit)
 unsubscribed sponsors and assigned to reporter

[Bug 724150] Please sync libucimf 2.3.8-1 (universe) from Debian	Sid
Builds fine, ACKd
 unsubsribe sponsors, subscribed ubuntu-archive

[Bug 723746] fwts 0.22.00 - various minor bugs
Noted there were lintian errors, but weren't regressions
Fixed pciutils listed twice in the fwts Depends
 uploaded 0.22.01

[Bug 705788] [need packaging] gKamus
Rereviewed gkamus, found a few issues
 unsubscribed sponsors

Set gcc-4.5-armel-cross merge request to remove from sponsors queue
since it wasn't ready for sponsoring

Tried to process merge requests for new versions of cairo-dock,
cairo-dock-plug-ins, and latexila, but all were missing upstream tags in
the merge proposal.  Will follow up in the morning to try to get them in
before Feature Freeze.


Micah Gersten
Ubuntu Security Team

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