Patch pilot 2011-12-12

Jamie Strandboge jamie at
Mon Dec 12 22:41:25 UTC 2011

review LP: 897933 (FTBFS: undefined reference to `{tan,log,pow}') --
there were two competing patches, one of which ultimately needs approval
from upstream.

reviewed a bzip2 sponsored update (ACK)

LP: #903112 - ACK, upload after fixing up packaging, testing the build
and comparing log output

review LP: #854841 - NAK pending more info

Hunted around a while trying to find more to do, and reviewed some items
that were on the list but just noise (eg LP: #881862 was already fixed
released, but still on the list due to needing a merge that I could not

Dove into Operation Cleansweep for bugs related to my team for the
remainder of my piloting. This included fixing some bugs in one of my
team's reporting scripts. I ran out of time to analyze all of the
output, but will be continuing that throughout the week.

Jamie Strandboge             |
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