Minutes from the Developer Membership Board meeting, 2011-12-05

Michael Bienia geser at ubuntu.com
Sat Dec 10 16:53:19 UTC 2011

== Attendees ==

 * Chair: Michael Bienia
 * Present: Benjamin Drung, Micah Gersten, Stefano Rivera, Stéphane Graber

== Notes ==

 * Action review

   * Iain Lane to document package set application process
     → done

   * Micah Gersten to ping all packageset teams to get a description we
     can use for future changes
     → not done yet; postponed to next meeting

   * Stefano Rivera to create private DMB channel for realtime use
     during meetings
     → done; the channel (#ubuntu-dmb) is invite-only

   * Jeremy Bicha to create a list of packages from the .modules files
     for the desktop-extra package set
     → an e-mail with that list arrived during the meeting and got
       discussed at the end of the meeting

 * MOTU application: Julian Taylor

   The application got approved with 5 votes.

 * Core Dev application: Micah Gersten

   The application got approved with 4 votes (Micah didn't vote on his
   own application).

 * Chair for the next meeting: Cody Somerville

 * Meeting log:

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