Ubuntu Transition Tracker [Was: Please change python-gobject dependencies to python-gi]

Andrew Starr-Bochicchio a.starr.b at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 17:54:55 UTC 2011

On Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 5:46 AM, Martin Pitt <martin.pitt at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Hello Ubuntu developers,
> TL;DR: For packages which use the new python gobject-introspection
> bindings (from gi.repository import ...) instead of the old static
> bindings ("import gobject"), please change "python-gobject" build and
> binary dependencies to "python-gi". Same applies to python-gi-cairo.
> and python-gi-dev.

I took a stab at creating a transition tracker for this. It's located
at lp:~andrewsomething/+junk/python-gi-transition-tracker I don't know
how useful it will be for this particular transition as it seems most
of this will need to happen in Debian first. I mostly did it just to
take a look at how these trackers work. I ran into one obvious
difficulty. The tracker is hosted in a +junk branch.

It would be nice if
lp:~ubuntu-transition-trackers/+junk/transition-tracker was moved to a
proper project as it is impossible to propose a merge to a +junk
branch on Launchpad.


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