Patch pilot report 08-12-2011

Didier Roche didrocks at
Thu Dec 8 12:06:28 UTC 2011

Hey guys,

Here is my patch pilot report (swapping it as I won't be around next week):
-> merged,
-> approved and sponsored
-> rejected as it was retargeted against lp:unity, but the branch 
content wasn't change and so, there is no common history there.
Tried to comment to give some guidance on how to do it the right way 
(but we really have an issue advertizing "please do not use
this branch" where we are upstream for the project.
-> added to the current SRU. Marked as merged
-> removed the sponsor team as already handled by upstream (close to 
ubuntu, so a new release will be soon around)
-> explained that a SRU only need the minimal changes when possible. Ask 
to make the patch change and unsuscribe ubuntu-sponsor.
-> pinged dx upstream to have a review and unsuscribe ubuntu-sponsors
-> SRU sponsored, fix the versionning though
-> subscribe upstream and remove ubuntu-sponsors
-> the patch is introducing some regressions, unsuscribe the sponsor 
team for now.
-> already handled in debian and ubuntu by the relevant team, unsuscribe 
sponsors then
-> unsuscribe for new as the bug had an orig.tar.gz, debian.tar.gz and 
.dsc, but the file
size doesn't match in it. Explained how to provide a debdiff as well and 
to resuscribe when fixed.
-> thinkng the ack and then doing it.
-> target changed, appended to current version in -proposed and sponsored.


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