Packaging a twistd plugin and python-support issues

Matthias Klose doko at
Wed Aug 31 13:43:24 UTC 2011

packaging of twisted plugins with python-support is broken by design. Even 
python policy mentions explicitly that you should use the same packaging helper 
for packages sharing the same python namespace.

You should use dh_python2 for that, or (deprecated) build with dh_pycentral 
using `include-links'.

On 08/31/2011 02:39 PM, Andreas Hasenack wrote:
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> Hi,
> I'm packaging a twisted plugin ( for
> Lucid (so no dh_python2 for me) and ran into an issue with
> python-support that I would like some advice about.
> If I don't create a ".noinit" file in the twisted plugin directory,
> python-support will create an empty file in there in
> postinst. When that happens, twistd no longer sees the plugin.
> I can't package a ".noinit" file with every plugin package, as they will
> conflict.
> I see a few alternatives, and would like some advice:
> a) Check for the ".noinit" file presence in postinst, and create if
> necessary, before the python-support "update-python-modules" is called.
> Also make sure there is no file in there, deleting it if needed.
> b) Use python-central. I tried it and it works right out of the box. But
> this is deprecated, right? Well, so is python-support, but -central is
> "more" deprecated I think ;)
> c) anything else?
> Thanks!
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