REVU and DebExpo

Allison Randal allison at
Tue Aug 30 14:29:49 UTC 2011

 From the last UDS, persia assigned me a workitem to look into how to
more strongly encourage developers with new packages to submit to
Debian first.

You may have seen that Debian has just switched their mentors site
over to a new system, DebExpo. At DebConf, the idea came up that
maybe Ubuntu could also use for new package
reviews, with a custom set of tags so Ubuntu reviewers could look
only at Ubuntu packages (and Debian reviewers wouldn't see Ubuntu
packages by default). The idea has the advantage that when we wanted
to redirect new packages to Debian, it would be a simple matter of
changing the tags, rather than pushing the packager to an entirely
new interface and set of requirements.

There are a few features REVU has that DebExpo doesn't have yet, but the 
thought is that we might be able to merge some of the code from REVU 
into DebExpo. I talked with the most active developers of REVU, and the 
response was "Yeah, moving to a single platform would probably be nice."

Other thoughts? In addition to general comments or concerns, it would 
also be interesting to hear if any current users of 
(reviewers or submitters) have used the new, and if 
so what they think of it.


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