call for testing indicator-session devices menu

Conor Curran conor.curran at
Thu Aug 25 12:04:52 UTC 2011

Hi all,

Later on today after UI and beta freeze you should have 
indicator-session 0.3.3 installed on your system.
In the devices menu (previously known as the session menu) there is a 
section to do with 'Attached Devices'. By default 'Printers' will appear 
always but also there are two more menu items for webcams and USB and 
SCSI scanners which will be present if the session service detects their 

If you have either a Scanner or a webcam which works on ubuntu but is 
_not_ shown in this menu please file a bug on Another very likely bug is 
that the text on the menu item for the device is something like '0f63 
Scanner', if you notice this, please also file a bug.

Thank you in advance!

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