Oneiric / Sid diff pages in Launchpad

Julian Edwards julian.edwards at
Mon Aug 15 11:40:31 UTC 2011

Hi all

We've done a ton of work improving the diff pages [1] since it was first 
brought up on this list in June.  Thanks to everyone who gave feedback and 
filed bugs.

Here's a (probably incomplete) list of what we've changed:

 * You can now filter by packagesets.  Type the name in the box if you know it 
or use the popup filtering picker by clicking the table header.
 * You can filter by "Changed-by", click the table header to get a popup.
 * You can now search all packages regardless of their state
 * Link to Debian changelog added.
 * Show the upload sponsor if present.
 * Archive admins changing the "ignored" state will get a comment added saying 
who changed it.
 * There's API calls to retrieve differences and comments. (Someone wanted 
this so they can sync to MoM)

Colin and Didier are also currently helping me test native syncs (I can hear 
the "yay!" from here) which are very close to being released to the wild.



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