dh_python2 transition issues

Barry Warsaw barry at ubuntu.com
Mon Aug 8 15:31:00 UTC 2011

On Aug 05, 2011, at 03:37 PM, Scott Kitterman wrote:

>http://wiki.debian.org/Python/TransitionToDHPython2 gives some good advice on 
>things to look for which switching packages to dh_python2.  One of the things 
>it discusses is when to set DEB_PYTHON2_MODULE_PACKAGES for cdbs pacakges.
>In the example below, it was set when it didn't need to be to an incorrect 
>value which resulted in an empty package.  Fortunately someone on #debian-
>python mentioned it, so I could fix it.
>Please, after you switch a package to dh_python2 do more than test it builds.
>This particular problem was trivially detectable with debc:
>debc netifaces_0.5-2.1ubuntu1_i386.changes|less
>after test building the package.  

Another useful check is to build the package both before and after your
transition work, then compare the .deb contents of the two packages with
debdiff.  The first couple of times, you might have to closely inspect the
differences (e.g. in symlinks, etc.), but you'll pretty quickly get a feel for
the expected differences.


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