DMB: Proposal for a different review process

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at
Thu Aug 4 15:08:05 UTC 2011

On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 10:59 AM, Oliver Grawert <ogra at> wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, den 04.08.2011, 10:26 -0400 schrieb Mackenzie Morgan:
>>  If there's an anti-Canonical bias, I still don't see it,
> and the discussion we have since yesterday doesnt strike you as possibly
> being related to anti canonical bias ?

Nope. Just good ol' fashioned anger.

If one of the Claires or Marianne were to apply for membership, they'd
get it in a heartbeat.  At this point, I don't know who is and isn't a
Canonical employee when I see developers' names come up. There's too
many Canonifolk to keep track.  That list I made before? I was shocked
at how many on there were Canonical employees. I expected half the
names to be Canonical and half not. Apparently all the non-Canonical
folks are keeping away.  Can't imagine why...</s>

> i can just say that i clearly see it and its scary to see what kind of
> assumptions cause it in some cases.

What, because we're all bloody ANGRY (it's not just me, I'm just the
one who's a big enough BITCH to say anything) at being elected and
then told "oh no we didn't REALLY want you to actually MAKE
DECISIONS!" ? I don't have a problem with MOST individuals at
Canonical. The ones who think we're supposed to be their pet ponies,
though? HELL YES.

Mackenzie Morgan

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