DMB: Proposal for a different review process

Clint Byrum clint at
Tue Aug 2 23:35:09 UTC 2011

Excerpts from Chase Douglas's message of Tue Aug 02 09:33:59 -0700 2011:
> Hi all,
> Yesterday I attempted to attend a DMB meeting, but unfortunately only
> two members showed so there wasn't a quorum. I think I've been to about
> an equal number of meetings where quorum has and has not been reached
> :(. This led me to think that there must be a better way to handle DMB
> proceedings.
> My proposal would be to do away with formal meetings, at least for
> evaluating typical applications, and move them to Launchpad. Create a
> project (maybe "ubuntu-developer-membership") and then have people open
> bugs when they have something to bring up before the board. Here's an
> example of a bug I would create for this:


This is simple and very easy to understand.

I also ended up not having my core dev app heard the first time around
because while Quorum was reached, it was reached 45 minutes in to the
meeting and I was unfortunately unable to participate past the end of
the meeting.

It struck me that the questioning can easily be done via email as can
voting. Even better that it be done in (mostly) immutable bug comments.

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