DMB: Proposal for a different review process

Chase Douglas chase.douglas at
Tue Aug 2 16:33:59 UTC 2011

Hi all,

Yesterday I attempted to attend a DMB meeting, but unfortunately only
two members showed so there wasn't a quorum. I think I've been to about
an equal number of meetings where quorum has and has not been reached
:(. This led me to think that there must be a better way to handle DMB

My proposal would be to do away with formal meetings, at least for
evaluating typical applications, and move them to Launchpad. Create a
project (maybe "ubuntu-developer-membership") and then have people open
bugs when they have something to bring up before the board. Here's an
example of a bug I would create for this:


Affects: ubuntu-developer-membership
Status: New
Importance: Medium
Assigned to: Unassigned
I, Chase Douglas, am applying for Ubuntu Core Dev upload rights.

<Full application (what is normally filled out on a wiki page)>

Endorsements can be added as bug comments. Since Launchpad is
authenticated, this removes the necessity of GPG signing of endorsements
(which no one seems to do anyways).

Once an applicant is ready to submit the application for review, they
subscribe the developer-membership-board team. Each board member can
review the application and ask questions in the bug comments. Once each
member has made a decision, they can comment with a +1/0/-1. When all
the votes are in (or a necessary amount), the bug can be moved to Fix
Committed or Fix Released. Fix Committed would mean a decision was
reached and following step must take place, like adding the developer to
the ubuntu-dev team. Fix Released would mean a decision was made and any
following steps have been completed.

One nice thing about this system would be the ability to re-open
applications. If an application is deferred, when the applicant is ready
to re-apply they can simply reopen the bug with more information.

This also can shorten the turn-around time for simple tasks, like adding
a package to a package set. These trivial tasks are slowed down by
waiting for a DMB meeting (with a quorum!), when they are very likely to
receive quick +1's from all the board members.

What do you think?


-- Chase

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