Patch pilot report for 2011-04-19

Jamie Strandboge jamie at
Tue Apr 19 16:33:12 UTC 2011

Review LP: #644632 (nssldap-update-ignoreusers needs to be configurable
to ignore users)-- lot's of review (patch adds new features to a patch I
was involved in back in Hardy). Ultimately NAK, but with direction to
contact upstream.

Review/discuss/NAK LP: #742889 and its associated merge request
(DigiCert certificates should be included in Ubuntu) -- needs to be in
Debian first

Review LP: #723830 (seamonkey-2.0-bin assert failure: *** buffer
overflow detected ***: /usr/lib/seamonkey-2.0.11/seamonkey-2.0-bin
terminated). Checked patch, source and asked if submitter could test the
latest version of seamonkey, since the issue might have been fixed
somewhere else

Review/discuss at length with upstream LP: #723994 (FFe: Please update
Cairo-Dock to 2.3.0~0rc1 version). Not ready yet. Will provide
packages/packaging changes to review. Updated bug so it is more clear
what needs to happen to move forward.

Review LP: #740178 (Update the INSTALL file (in unity)) ACKed, but patch
too small for upload on its own

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