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Tue Sep 21 04:50:38 BST 2010

size on the CD, as we are with the footprint of the installed system.

I'm proposing that we offer 3 install methods from a single 11.04 Server CD=
 a) Install Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud
 b) Install Ubuntu Server (Deluxe)
 c) Install Ubuntu Server (Minimal)

The minimal install would be as small as possible, with no recommended
packages, and a pruning of documentation, manpages, and any other
unnecessary overhead like unused kernel modules.  This system would be
a great building block for appliances, virtual machines, and
single-purpose servers.  This would embrace and enhance JeOS, and make
it easier to install, directly from the Server CD, as a
supported/tested mode of installation.

The deluxe install would be a full featured, friendly server, with a
healthy set of useful utilities and sane defaults.  For the deluxe
install, I'm suggesting, perhaps, ssh-enabled-by-default,
byobu-by-default, and etc-keeper-by-default, and I'm open to other
ideas -- what do you *always* install on every Ubuntu server you
deploy?  Too often, I perceive, we have been preempted from doing
wonderful things to the Server because many people want the Server to
be basically Ubuntu Minimal (or Debian Minimal).  That's a fair
request too, and for those people, we should more conveniently offer a
bare minimal installation.   But we should also stay true to our roots
(Linux for Human Beings) and ensure that Ubuntu Server Deluxe is a
great starting point (Linux for Human Sys Admins).

The Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud option remains the source for
bootstrapping a private cloud on your local hardware.


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