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Thu Sep 30 19:36:10 BST 2010

I fully agree.  I think one blocker to making this happen, to this point
anyway, has been the incentive to dedicate resources, or find community
resources, to help develop a directory authentication and authorization

During the last cycle I did some development on an openldap-dit package that
Mathias and Andreas had started a while back.  At the beginning of the cycle
I thought I'd have enough time to push it into Maverick, but things changed
and wasn't able to.  Sort of like last cycle things are calmer, at this
time, and I fully intend to help get something into Natty.

That doesn't address the other functionality like Kerberos, desktop
integration, etc, but hopefully it's a starting place.  Every UDS I've been
too there has been at least one session about directory services, but no end
product has been delivered.  I'm totally not blaming anyone or trying to
suggest that someone screwed up somewhere or anything like that.  I just
don't think it has been a priority... and wondering if that could change for

Thanks for listening.

On Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 11:51 AM, Clint Byrum <clint at> wrote:

> On Sep 28, 2010, at 1:02 PM, Adam Sommer wrote:
> > For me a priority is easy setup of Directory Services :-).
> >
> I'd like to expand on that even more, and say that we need to
> champion and document the setup of "Something that works like Active
> Directory".
> One of the most common questions that I see go unanswered in
> #ubuntu-server is "How do I do what Active Directory does on Ubuntu?"
> Its always left me wanting more when well meaning people just throw
> back something like "Well ActiveDirectory is just LDAP and kerberos
> with DNS". I think this misses the much bigger issue that ActiveDirectory
> ties them all together in a usable framework, with a cohesive
> interface for management.
> Case in point, this section of the Ubuntu server guide:
> Its all well written, great documentation on how to get Kerberos,
> OpenLDAP, etc. configured. But none of it actually tells a user
> "This is the way WE would do it." This document is full of choices
> that a good admin must make. But to me, if they're at that page,
> they're already spending time doing something that isn't what they
> intend to do with Ubuntu, which is to grow their business, teach
> their students, share their music with the neighbors, etc. etc.
> Open source is about choices, and to me, Ubuntu is about giving
> users a default experience that relieves them from the pressure to
> make hard choices, so they can get started with what they actually
> want to do.

Party On,
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