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Michael Terry michael.terry at
Thu Sep 30 15:49:18 BST 2010

On Tue, 2010-09-28 at 23:00 +0100, Bruno Girin wrote:

> A tutorial on how to go from "quickly create my-cool-project" to having
> the application available in Ubuntu, including:
>       * Very quick introduction on Quickly using a "hello world" example
>         (not a quickly or python manual, this material already exists
>         and interested devs will find it)
>       * How to upload the code to Launchpad
>       * How to build and package the application
>       * How to get the application in Ubuntu
>       * How to deal with bug reports, provide updates, etc.
> A simple overview of the essential libraries and components that make up
> Ubuntu, geared towards developers who may not be intimate with how they
> all interact together, e.g.:
>       * What's DBus for, when would you use it and how?
>       * What's DesktopCouch, when would you use it and how?
>       * Where should you store config and data files?
>       * What's gstreamer, cairo, glib, etc?
>       * Major libraries and APIs that you can rely on being shipped with
>         a default Ubuntu install,
>       * etc.

I believe that would all be in scope for the Ubuntu Developer's Manual
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