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On 09/29/2010 01:43 PM, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
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> Allison Randal wrote on 28/09/10 21:11:
>> The Performance track is about measurable speed improvements and also
>> about snappy, responsive user experience, across all editions of
>> Ubuntu, from older hardware to high-efficiency devices, and from boot
>> experience through common user-facing applications and tools.
>> What's high on your list for this area?
>> ...
> Measurement. Where can I go to see the equivalent of Firefox's
> <>  for Ubuntu startup speed? Where's the
> equivalent graph for Ubiquity? For Unity?For Ubuntu Software Center?

Hi Matthew,

FYI - Boot speed metrics for Ubuntu, UNE (Unity), and Kubuntu daily 
builds are kept here [1].  The QA team has been collecting these numbers 
for Maverick and reporting the regression analysis data during the 
Friday release meetings.

A discussion of the data collected and presented in [1] might be a 
beneficial topic.  It may help other teams trying to get similar metrics 
because as you mentioned, it would be beneficial to see performance 
numbers of other applications across daily builds and previous releases.

[1] -

> How much better or worse is yesterday's Natty nightly compared with
> Ubuntu 10.10? With Ubuntu 10.04 LTS?
> Regression handling. If any of those numbers gets worse by 5%, or 10%,
> or 25%, how soon do we realize? And what's our procedure for fixing it?

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