tool for getting changes between versions of a package

Scott Moser smoser at
Thu Sep 23 14:31:12 BST 2010

Hi all,
   I've got a need to generate a list of changes from manifest 'A' to
manifest 'B'.  I know the release for the manifest, and that it contains
only packages in main, -updates, -security, and universe.  The manifests looks like:
   adduser 3.112ubuntu1
   apparmor 2.5-0ubuntu3
   apparmor-utils 2.5-0ubuntu3
   apport 1.13.3-0ubuntu2
   apport-symptoms 0.9

   I'm hoping to go through each entry in 'A', and if it is changed in 'B'
to get the changes that were done between those two versions.  Ideally I
can get bug numbers where they appear in the changelog also.

   It seems like something that might have already been done, but I'm not
aware of it.  Anyone have something like this ? Or, failing that,
suggestions on "best way to do it"?


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