New Ubuntu QA Website!

Ara Pulido ara at
Tue Sep 21 17:55:07 BST 2010

Hello all!

I am pleased to announce a new Ubuntu QA website!

This site replaces the old static HTML and will make updating the
contents much easier.

The new site is a Wordpress instance that syndicates the Ubuntu QA
blogs. If you want your site to be added, please, send an email to the
mailing list explaining your contribution to Ubuntu QA and a link to the
feed you want to be syndicated.
Also, if your blog is syndicated and you announce an event (bug days,
testing calls, etc), please add the "event" category, so we can find
those easily.

If you find bugs, please, report them in the Ubuntu QA Website Launchpad
project [1], adding the tag qa-website [2]. Wishlist bugs, like changes
in the WP theme are also welcome!

I got a lot of help to make the new site possible, but I specially would
like to thank:

 * Richard Lee, Michael Forrest and Iain Farrell from the Design team
for their help and the design of the Ubuntu Wordpress theme.
 * Chris Jones, from IS, for setting up the staging and production servers.
 * Jeff Lane for the header image.

And, of course, the Ubuntu QA community! You are awesome people to work



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