Ubiquity 2.3.18 Pairwise Testing (& Wubi!)

Ara Pulido ara at ubuntu.com
Thu Sep 16 11:08:11 BST 2010

Hello all,

As you know, in two weeks is Maverick RC and we will testing the ISOs in
a classic milestone testing cycle.

But, before that, and to avoid classic last minute problems with
ubiquity, we are going to have a Pairwise Ubiquity Testing Cycle
starting just now!

What is this?

We have generated a set of testcases to try to cover as much options as
possible but without having to test them all.

So, how can you participate?

We have not written any formal testcases this time (as we have generate
them), but, it should be pretty easy to understand if you have been
testing the Ubuntu ISOs before.

 1. Go to the Pairwise Tracker:


 2. Select the image that you are going to test.
 3. Every image has a selection of testcases based on these possibilities:

Disk partition: FullDisk (select full disk), Manual (manual
partitioning) or Autoresize (guided - auto resize)
Options: None (do not use any special option), OEM (run OEM
installation), FreeSoftware (use the only free software option)

Please, cover the testcases in the tracker, first.


Wubi is a special case. We have created a couple of testcases per
architecture: install & upgrade. Both install and upgrade can be done on
any of the flavours (add it in the result comments field). But we have
to make sure that they work correctly, as we usually have last minute
problems with Wubi. If you have a machine with Windows, please, help us
testing Wubi!

That's all for now. Let's try to make Ubiquity rock before RC!


P.S. Xubuntu ISOs containing Ubiquity 2.3.18 are still in the build
queue (and marked as rebuilding in the tracker). I will enable them as
soon as they are available.

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