Notice: LP bugzilla bug watch updating (coming soon)

Bryce Harrington bryce at
Wed Sep 15 00:41:06 BST 2010

Just a quick head's up that you may be getting a lot of email from the
Bug Watch Updater in the coming week.

We've implemented support for tracking Importance now for upstream
bugzilla watches.  As well, several bugs in how Status is mapped from
bugzilla to launchpad have been corrected (Expired bugs now map to
'Expired', unrecognized statuses get mapped to 'Unknown' instead of
'Invalid', support for several custom statuses are added, etc.)

To get Launchpad to re-map status and importance we need to have it
re-update each bug watch against upstream.  So if you've sent a lot of
bugs upstream, you may get a lot of email from this.

The updates are randomly spread over a 24 hour period so we don't hammer
bugzillas too hard, and we're going to be doing one bugzilla a day, so
you may get one day full of gnome bug updates, another for mozilla, etc.

Lemme know if you have any questions, otherwise enjoy the extra bit of
info in your bug reports.


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