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On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 3:01 PM, Scott Kitterman <ubuntu at>wrote:

> On Wednesday, September 08, 2010 09:44:44 am Ahmed Kamal wrote:
> >   Hi folks,
> >
> > For the 11.04 cycle, I will be focusing on growing the community around
> > Ubuntu's cloud offerings (and by extension Ubuntu server). Please reply
> > back with what you consider to be the most important areas that need
> > work to achieve such a target
> > In particular I think we should try to answer questions like
> >   * Where do we see new contributers adding value to Ubuntu's cloud
> > offerings ? What can they do
> >   * How to make it easier for new contributers to jump-in and have an
> > easy start
> >
> > Awaiting your suggestions and past experiences.
> > Thanks
> Personally I've found all this emphasis on cloud instead of traditional
> server
> applications (many of which are used in the cloud) to be quite
> demotivating.
> I spend considerably less time on server related development than I used
> to.
> Scott K
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I just wanted to agree, to some extent anyway, with what Scott is saying
about the cloud focus.  Traditionally it has been very hard to grow the
Ubuntu Server community, and for me personally over the last couple of
release cycles it has been more of a struggle to find motivation to
contribute.  The same motivations are still there that have been there in
the past... just seems like there's a fog over them or something :-).

Anyway, maybe the way to grow the cloud/server community is to focus on
developing applications using Ubuntu Server and Cloud images?  There has
been some focus on cloud applications, but maybe I just haven't been paying
close enough attention.  Might be nice to develop something in say Quickly,
have it packaged, then deploy the package to an image in the cloud... using
only two or three commands.

I guess as an admin of small organizations paying to play in the cloud
doesn't make much sense with, but old still viable hardware available.
 Buying the hardware to really have a rocking private cloud isn't feasible
for me either.  I totally dig virtual machines however, and for me
virt-manager, virsh, virt-install/clone/etc have been great tools.

Not sure if this helps with your original question about growing the
community, but these are some of my thoughts vomited onto the Internets :-).

Party On,
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