maverick-proposed queue freeze

Jamie Bennett jamie.bennett at
Tue Oct 26 16:40:32 BST 2010


According to the Linaro release process [1] the maverick-proposed queue 
will be frozen tomorrow. After this date no uploads should be accepted
for -proposed until the queue unfreezes on 8th November 2010 without
consultation with the Linaro release team [2]. The total freeze time
will be 12 days.

The freeze process was agreed at the platform sprint in Prague and has
benefits for both Ubuntu and Linaro. This period should be used to flush
the -proposed queue, testing, verifying and promoting to
maverick-updates what is currently there. If you have an update that
really must be added to the queue in the next 12 days please email the
team[3] for feedback.

The Linaro Release Candidate images will be created on the 1st November
and the images will be verified until Final Release on the 10th

With your help we can get the -proposed queue flushed and produce
rock-solid Linaro images, carrying the great work Ubuntu has done to
ARM based platforms.

Linaro Release Manager

[3] linaro-release at

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