brainstorming for UDS-N - Performance - disk footprint

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Oct 4 07:50:26 BST 2010

Perhaps only slightly related to performance, but we need to work on
our installation disk size footprint and CD size. We keep shipping
fewer and fewer translations, and we grew some fat in installed

There's also the idea of merging the Ubuntu Desktop and Netbook
flavors into just one CD image, which will also take some extra space.

This includes:

 * Searching for and eliminating duplicate libraries, programs, etc.

 * Reduce programming language support, or eliminate unnecessary parts
   of it. E. g. in a custom OEM project we eliminated Perl, and
   perhaps we could also remove some parts of Erlang/Python/etc. that
   we ship by default.

 * Eliminiate unnecessary files (duplicate fonts, documentation); a
   rather bold proposal would e. g. be to remove package changelogs
   entirely and instead provide an easy way to open the changelog for
   a particular package in a browser.

 * Optimize images in packages, as proposed by Louis Simard in May.

 * [Your idea here]

I collected some ideas at, but most of them apply
to customized systems. During Natty I'd like to work on this topic.

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