2010-11-22, Ubuntu SRU and LTS - biweekly meeting

Kate Stewart kate.stewart at canonical.com
Sat Nov 20 00:38:58 GMT 2010

At UDS we decided to go to a 2 week cadence for SRU kernel releases, and
are working our way through the ripples of this changed process and how
it will interact with the existing SRU processes, and 10.04.2 LTS.

We don't know all the answers at this point, but are trying to figure
out the right questions to ask.  :)

We've put together a straw man agenda for next Monday's meeting (see
link below), which is an attempt to capture some of the questions, and
get some focus started on 10.04.2 (which will be here before we know
it.)   If you're interested in this topic, please feel free to attend or
scan through the agenda and add questions into the agenda WIKI (see link

This meeting will be bi-weekly, and is 

* Date: Monday, 

* Time: 1600UTC - 1700UTC

* Location: #ubuntu-meeting 

* Chair: Kate Stewart <kate.stewart at canonical.com>

* Agenda: 

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