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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri Nov 12 22:26:11 GMT 2010

Hello Josua,

Josua Dietze [2010-11-10 10:00 +0100]:
> There is nothing that can be done about the udev rules. There are many 
> different devices now that need a mode switch, each to be treated 
> individually.

Right, nothing wrong at all with those.

> What *can* be done is to avoid running the Tcl script if no such device is 
> present.

It currently triggers for any kind of ttyUSB. I think what can be done
is that each of the vendor/product specific rules add a
TAG="usb-modeswitch", and then the dispatcher only fires on that tag.

> Now the Tcl language: I can see that it is hard to carry it on if there is 
> only one system-related usage case. I will downright refuse to convert the 
> wrapper into a binary for tranparency reasons, but I'm open to suggestions 
> regarding other script languages that are expected to stay on the Live CD. 

That won't help much, though. Aside from the disk space issue, it also
makes boot quite a lot slower. Starting any kind of scripting language
during boot is very expensive.

Wrt. transparency reasons, there's always the source. Most stuff in
the system is compiled binary blobs, for good reasons. :)

> Let me just say that I hate the Bash syntax, and I would use Perl only if 
> held at gunpoint :-)

Vala! Vala! :-)

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