gnupg missing in build-essential

Raphael Hertzog hertzog at
Mon Mar 29 07:13:50 BST 2010

Package: build-essential
Version: 11.5

On Sun, 28 Mar 2010, Steve Langasek wrote:
> >  Actually I'm not sure the FTBFS report of that one is correct; it
> >  seemed to be missing gpg, but gnupg is Build-Essential: yes; I uploaded
> >  a package build-deping on gnupg explicitly because I thought this was a
> >  problem with the Launchpad chroots, but actually these *do* include
> >  gpg, I guess Lucas' chroots were missing it.  Latest upload built fine.
> The package has a Build-Essential: yes field in the Packages file, but isn't
> the definition of build-essential "the set of packages that
> 'build-essential' depends on"?  I have no idea what sets or honors a
> Build-Essential: yes field in Packages.
> Since you've uploaded a workaround there's no need to worry about the
> package being removed now, but I wonder if we shouldn't be fixing this in
> the build-essential package rather than expecting lucas's rebuilds to honor
> what appears to be a non-standard field.

Those fields are added by Debian's ftpmasters by way of their extra
override file:

debootstrap in buildd mode honors that field.

That disparity is still undesired IMO, filing a bug against
build-essential for this.

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