FFe: migrate to ibus-1.3 series

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at ubuntu.com
Mon Mar 29 04:04:19 BST 2010

Hi Zhengpeng,

On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 05:07:31PM +0800, Zhengpeng Hou wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm sorry to bring this up at almost the last stage of Lucid
> development cycle. Since Lucid will
> be another LTS, so I think I'd better to raise this up. IBus 1.3 has
> been released on 2010-03-21, just
> one week ago, and most of those packages have been uploaded to Debian
> experimental already[1], which
> means that those in experimental have been built and installed successfully.
> I have discussed with upstream on this as well, Peng Huang also
> recommended to use ibus-1.3 series for
> Lucid,  upstream will focus on 1.3 series mostly,  then if we still
> use 1.2 series in a LTS release, we'll have
> to backport any bug fix from 1.3 series.
> The majority changes in IBus 1.3 series as below, diff of Changelog
> attached for reference.
>    1 use floating IBusObject
>    2 support share one global engine in all applications
>    3 some ui improvements
>    4 bug fixes

> So I'd suggest to have ibus-1.3 pulled into Lucid from Debian
> experimental. Since this new upstream release
> will have abi transition, therefore I prefer to discuss this more
> before filing FFe.

> NB, Peng Huang might not be on this list, so if you can CC him, that
> would be great.

The first packaged release of ibus 1.2 was in June 2009; before that, the
1.1 series only lasted from April 2009 to June 2009.  Is there a reason to
expect that ibus 1.3 will be developed for a longer period of time than 1.1
or 1.2 was?  If not, the backport argument doesn't carry much weight with
me:  yes, it will be easier to backport bug fixes, but only for a short
time; and because 1.3 is so fresh, there is much more chance that we will
*need* to backport fixes!

Unless you can point to specific, high-severity problems with ibus 1.2 that
would be fixed by moving to 1.3, I would nack this.

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