Proposed removal of unbuildable binaries from lucid (

Stefan Potyra stefan.potyra at
Sun Mar 28 14:24:11 BST 2010


first off big thanks for the work!

Am Sunday 28 March 2010 06:41:56 schrieb Steve Langasek:
> darcs-buildpackage: darcs-buildpackage 0.5.12 all

few bits missing yet from the haskell transition. I'd hate to see this go, but 
luckily we're only three syncs away to have it buildable again (bug #550208, 
#550223 and #550246).

> gcc-4.2: gcc-4.2-base 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
From a quick grep, gcc-4.2 seems to be a build-dep of sdlmame (multiverse)
and a dependency of gdc-4.2 (universe). Maybe we should take a look at these 
as well?

> haskell-utils: haskell-utils 1.11 all 
Removed in unstable, source can go as well: bug #550191.

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