Proposed removal of unbuildable binaries from lucid (

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at
Sun Mar 28 05:41:56 BST 2010

Hi all,

At UDS in Dallas, it was proposed that we run a round of removals of those
binary packages from sources that fail to build in lucid, so that we would
enter the LTS release clean and no users would wind up installing binary
packages that it would be impossible for us to provide security support for.

Although it's taken longer than expected to get the list of removal
candidates together, I believe this is still the right thing for us to do
for Lucid, since anything on this list not only was failing to build at the
time of the karmic release, but remains unbuildable after five months of
development in lucid, so I am proposing here the list of packages for

A total of 391 binary packages from 124 distinct source packages would be
removed from universe and multiverse under this proposal.

Some supporting files are available at

  nbs.* - the build failure summaries from the beginning of the karmic cycle - the script used to generate the list of
    removal candidates (eyeballs welcome!)
  removal-candidates.txt - the list of candidates for removal, same as
    attached to this mail, showing source & binary package names; version
    number of binary package to remove; and architectures the removal should
    be applied to.

If there are no outstanding objections as of April 1, this removal candidate
list will be passed through the following one-liner to remove the binary
packages on the specified architectures:

  while read source binary version archs; do for arch in $archs; do
    if [ "$arch" = all ]; then arch= ; else arch="-a $arch"; fi; \ -u $SUDO_USER -by \
      -m "FTBFS:" \
      -e $version $arch $binary; done; done < removal-candidates.txt

This takes care to remove binaries on i386 or amd64 only if the package
fails to build *on that architecture*, and to only remove binaries for the
ports architectures if they're at the same version as the failing packages
on either i386 or amd64.  (That may miss some binaries for ports if they
started failing to build at a different, /earlier/ version than on x86, but
avoids us accidentally removing ports binaries when the package actually
*does* build on the ports while failing to build on i386 or amd64.)

Comments welcome.

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ace: mpc-ace 5.6.3-5 all
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ace: libace-dev 5.6.3-5 all
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ace: libace-ssl-5.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
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ace: libace-rmcast-5.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libace-rmcast-dev 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libace-tmcast-5.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libace-tmcast-dev 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libace-htbp-5.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libace-htbp-dev 5.6.3-5 all
ace: gperf-ace 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libacexml-5.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libacexml-dev 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libkokyu-5.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libkokyu-dev 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libace-qtreactor-5.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libace-qtreactor-dev 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libace-xtreactor-5.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libace-xtreactor-dev 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libace-tkreactor-5.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libace-tkreactor-dev 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libace-flreactor-5.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libace-flreactor-dev 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libace-foxreactor-5.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libace-foxreactor-dev 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libtao-1.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libtao-dev 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libtao-doc 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libtao-orbsvcs-1.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
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ace: libtao-qtresource-1.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libtao-qtresource-dev 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libtao-xtresource-1.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libtao-xtresource-dev 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libtao-flresource-1.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libtao-flresource-dev 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libtao-tkresource-1.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libtao-tkresource-dev 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libtao-foxresource-1.6.3 5.6.3-5 all
ace: libtao-foxresource-dev 5.6.3-5 all
ace: tao-idl 5.6.3-5 all
ace: tao-ifr 5.6.3-5 all
ace: tao-imr 5.6.3-5 all
ace: tao-ft 5.6.3-5 all
ace: tao-utils 5.6.3-5 all
ace: tao-naming 5.6.3-5 all
ace: tao-trading 5.6.3-5 all
ace: tao-event 5.6.3-5 all
ace: tao-rtevent 5.6.3-5 all
ace: tao-ftrtevent 5.6.3-5 all
ace: tao-notify 5.6.3-5 all
ace: tao-load 5.6.3-5 all
ace: tao-log 5.6.3-5 all
ace: tao-scheduling 5.6.3-5 all
ace: tao-concurrency 5.6.3-5 all
ace: tao-lifecycle 5.6.3-5 all
ace: tao-time 5.6.3-5 all
am-utils: am-utils 6.1.5-12ubuntu1 all
am-utils: libamu4 6.1.5-12ubuntu1 all
am-utils: libamu-dev 6.1.5-12ubuntu1 all
am-utils: am-utils-doc 6.1.5-12ubuntu1 all
anjsp: anjsp 1.1.3-1ubuntu1 all
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axiom: axiom-hypertex-data 20050901-9ubuntu1 all
babel: babel-1.2.0 1.2.0.dfsg-7ubuntu4 all
babel: libsidl1.2.0-java 1.2.0.dfsg-7ubuntu4 all
babel: python-sidl 1.2.0.dfsg-7ubuntu4 all
babel: libsidl-dev 1.2.0.dfsg-7ubuntu4 all
babel: libsidl1.2.0 1.2.0.dfsg-7ubuntu4 all
babel: babel-doc 1.2.0.dfsg-7ubuntu4 all
babel: libparsifal-dev 1.2.0.dfsg-7ubuntu4 all
babel: libparsifal1.0.0 1.2.0.dfsg-7ubuntu4 all
binutils-m68hc1x: binutils-m68hc1x 1:2.18-3 all
binutils-z80: binutils-z80 2.18.50-0ubuntu1 all
brickos: brickos 0.9.0.dfsg-6 all
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bulmages: bulmages 0.11.1-2ubuntu1 all
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bulmages: bulmages-servers 0.11.1-2ubuntu1 all
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cell-gdb: ppu-gdb 6.6.50cvs20070623-1ubuntu3 all
cell-gdb: spu-gdb 6.6.50cvs20070623-1ubuntu3 all
cl-plplot: cl-plplot 0.5.0-3 all
cpqarrayd: cpqarrayd 2.3-1 all
creoleparser: python-creoleparser 0.6.1-1 all
darcs-buildpackage: darcs-buildpackage 0.5.12 all
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diagnostics: libdiagnostics-dev 0.2.5-1 all
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ecl: ecl 9.6.1-1ubuntu1 all
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evolution-sharp: libevolution5.0-cil 0.20.0-1 all
gcc-4.2: gcc-4.2-base 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: gcc-4.2 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: gcc-4.2-multilib 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: cpp-4.2 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: cpp-4.2-doc 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: gcc-4.2-locales 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: g++-4.2 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: g++-4.2-multilib 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: libmudflap0-4.2-dev 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: gobjc++-4.2 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: gobjc++-4.2-multilib 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: gobjc-4.2 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: gobjc-4.2-multilib 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: gfortran-4.2 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: gfortran-4.2-multilib 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: gfortran-4.2-doc 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: libgfortran2 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: libgfortran2-dbg 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: lib64gfortran2 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 i386 armel ia64 powerpc sparc
gcc-4.2: lib64gfortran2-dbg 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 i386 armel ia64 powerpc sparc
gcc-4.2: lib32gfortran2 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 amd64 armel ia64 powerpc sparc
gcc-4.2: lib32gfortran2-dbg 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 amd64 armel ia64 powerpc sparc
gcc-4.2: libstdc++6-4.2-dev 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: libstdc++6-4.2-pic 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: libstdc++6-4.2-dbg 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: lib32stdc++6-4.2-dbg 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 amd64 armel ia64 powerpc sparc
gcc-4.2: lib64stdc++6-4.2-dbg 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 i386 armel ia64 powerpc sparc
gcc-4.2: libstdc++6-4.2-doc 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: gcc-4.2-doc 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-4.2: gcc-4.2-source 4.2.4-5ubuntu1 all
gcc-h8300-hms: gcc-h8300-hms 1:3.4.6-5 all
gcc-m68hc1x: gcc-m68hc1x 1:3.3.6+3.1+dfsg-3 all
gclcvs: gclcvs 2.7.0-64 all
gclcvs: gclcvs-doc 2.7.0-64 all
genesis: genesis 2.2.1-12build1 all
genesis: genesis-data 2.2.1-12build1 all
gnome-btdownload: gnome-btdownload 0.0.32-2 all
gnu-smalltalk: gnu-smalltalk 3.0.3-2 all
gnu-smalltalk: libgst7 3.0.3-2 all
gnu-smalltalk: libgst-dev 3.0.3-2 all
gnu-smalltalk: gnu-smalltalk-doc 3.0.3-2 all
gnu-smalltalk: gnu-smalltalk-common 3.0.3-2 all
gnu-smalltalk: gnu-smalltalk-el 3.0.3-2 all
gnu-smalltalk: libpostgresql-gst 3.0.3-2 all
gnu-smalltalk: libsqlite3-gst 3.0.3-2 all
gnu-smalltalk: libncurses-gst 3.0.3-2 all
gnu-smalltalk: libgdbm-gst 3.0.3-2 all
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gnu-smalltalk: libgtk2-gst 3.0.3-2 all
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gnu-smalltalk: zlib-gst 3.0.3-2 all 1.2.8-1 all
gpt: gpt 1.0.2-1 all
gpt: libgportugol-dev 1.0.2-1 all
gpt: libgportugol0 1.0.2-1 all
graphviz-cairo: graphviz-cairo 2.8-3 all
guile-gnome-platform: guile-gnome2-glib 2.16.1-2ubuntu1 all
guile-gnome-platform: guile-gnome2-gconf 2.16.1-2ubuntu1 all
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guile-gnome-platform: guile-gnome2-gnome 2.16.1-2ubuntu1 all
guile-gnome-platform: guile-gnome2-gnome-ui 2.16.1-2ubuntu1 all
guile-gnome-platform: guile-gnome2-canvas 2.16.1-2ubuntu1 all
guile-gnome-platform: guile-gnome2-vfs 2.16.1-2ubuntu1 all
guile-gnome-platform: guile-gnome2-dev 2.16.1-2ubuntu1 all
haskell-utils: haskell-utils 1.11 all
hat: hat 2.05+rerolled-7ubuntu1 all
hat: libghc6-hat-dev 2.05+rerolled-7ubuntu1 all
hmake: hmake 3.13-0.1ubuntu1 all
hotswap: hotswap-text 0.4.0-11 all
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hotswap: hotswap 0.4.0-11 all
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im-sdk: iiimf-im-switcher 12.3.91-6.3ubuntu2 all
im-sdk: iiimf-csconv-modules 12.3.91-6.3ubuntu2 all
im-sdk: libiiimp1 12.3.91-6.3ubuntu2 all
im-sdk: libiiimp-dev 12.3.91-6.3ubuntu2 all
im-sdk: libiiimcf3 12.3.91-6.3ubuntu2 all
im-sdk: libiiimcf-dev 12.3.91-6.3ubuntu2 all
im-sdk: iiimf-client-el-bin 12.3.91-6.3ubuntu2 all
im-sdk: iiimf-client-el 12.3.91-6.3ubuntu2 all
im-sdk: im-sdk-docs 12.3.91-6.3ubuntu2 all
im-sdk: iiimf-le-unit 12.3.91-6.3ubuntu2 all
im-sdk: iiimf-le-canna 12.3.91-6.3ubuntu2 all
im-sdk: iiimf-le-hangul 12.3.91-6.3ubuntu2 all
im-sdk: iiimf-le-sun-thai 12.3.91-6.3ubuntu2 all
im-sdk: iiimf-le-sun-simplified-chinese 12.3.91-6.3ubuntu2 all
im-sdk: iiimf-le-sun-traditional-chinese 12.3.91-6.3ubuntu2 all
im-sdk: iiimf-le-sun-hong-kong-chinese 12.3.91-6.3ubuntu2 all
jbossas4: jbossas4 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-test-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-jmx-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-system-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-j2ee-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-ejb3-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-ejb3x-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-naming-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-deployment-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-transaction-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-security-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-server-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-messaging-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-management-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-cluster-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-aspects-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-connector-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-jms-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jbossas4: libjboss-webservices-java 4.2.3.GA-1 all
jericho-html: libjericho-html-java 2.6-1 all
jetring: jetring 0.18 all
jruby1.2: jruby1.2 1.2.0-2ubuntu2 all
kpsk: kpsk 1.0.1-4.2 all
ksimus-datarecorder: ksimus-datarecorder 0.3.6-13 all
ksimus-floatingpoint: ksimus-floatingpoint 0.3.6-13 all
kslovar: kslovar 0.2.7-1 all
ksymoops: ksymoops 2.4.11-1ubuntu1 all
kvdr: kvdr 0.64-6 all
lhs2tex: lhs2tex 1.14-1 all
libcatalyst-modules-perl: libcatalyst-modules-perl 34 all
libcatalyst-perl: libcatalyst-perl 5.80007-1ubuntu1 all
libcommons-modeler-java: libcommons-modeler-java 2.0.1-4 all
libcommons-modeler-java: libcommons-modeler-java-doc 2.0.1-4 all
libfile-which-perl: libfile-which-perl 0.05-7 all
libfxscintilla: libfxscintilla-dev 1.63-0ubuntu2 all
libfxscintilla: libfxscintilla17 1.63-0ubuntu2 all
libgimp-perl: libgimp-perl 2.0.dfsg+2.2pre1.dfsg-5 all
libgrapple: libgrapple-1.0-1 0.9.1-0ubuntu2 all
libgrapple: libgrapple-dev 0.9.1-0ubuntu2 all
libmetadata-extractor-java: libmetadata-extractor-java 2.3.1+dfsg-1 all
libmetadata-extractor-java: libmetadata-extractor-java-doc 2.3.1+dfsg-1 all
libnetx-java: libnetx-java 0.5-1 all
liborlite-migrate-perl: liborlite-migrate-perl 0.03-2 all
liborlite-perl: liborlite-perl 1.22-1 all
libperl-critic-perl: libperl-critic-perl 1.098-1 all
libpoe-component-client-http-perl: libpoe-component-client-http-perl 0.88-1 all
libpoe-component-client-keepalive-perl: libpoe-component-client-keepalive-perl 0.2500-1 all
librspec-ruby: librspec-ruby1.8 1.1.3-3 all
librspec-ruby: librspec-ruby 1.1.3-3 all
libtest-perl-critic-perl: libtest-perl-critic-perl 1.01-2 all
libuser: libuser 1:0.56.9.dfsg.1-1ubuntu2 all
libuser: libuser1-dev 1:0.56.9.dfsg.1-1ubuntu2 all
libuser: libuser1 1:0.56.9.dfsg.1-1ubuntu2 all
libuser: python-libuser 1:0.56.9.dfsg.1-1ubuntu2 all
libxapool-java: libxapool-java 1.5.0-2 all
lustre: linux-patch-lustre all
lustre: lustre-source all
lustre: lustre-utils all
lustre: lustre-tests all
lustre: liblustre all
lustre: lustre-dev all
mina: libmina-java 1.1.7.dfsg-5 all
mina: libmina-java-doc 1.1.7.dfsg-5 all
mmorph: mmorph all
modconf: modconf 0.3.9ubuntu1 all
mpatrol: mpatrolc2 1.4.8-12ubuntu1 all
ncrypt: python-ncrypt 0.6.4-0ubuntu3 all
nemerle: nemerle 0.9.3+dfsg-3 all
nemerle: libnemerle0.9-cil 0.9.3+dfsg-3 all
netgen: netgen 4.4-15 all
netgen: netgen-doc 4.4-15 all
netgen: libnetgen-dev 4.4-15 all
netgen: libnetgen4.4 4.4-15 all
nlog: libnlog1.0-cil 1.0+dfsg-1ubuntu1 all
nlog: monodoc-nlog-manual 1.0+dfsg-1ubuntu1 all
odyssey: odyssey 0.4-2.2 all
ohphone: ohphone 1:1.4.5+20060204-4 all
ohphone: ohphone-basic 1:1.4.5+20060204-4 all
openam: openam 1.1.18+20050304-4 all
orpie: orpie 1.5.1-7 all
oscache: liboscache-java 2.4.1+dak1-1 all
p3scan: p3scan 2:2.3.2-7 all
pathfinder: pathfinderd 0.2.4-4 all
pathfinder: pathfinder-utils 0.2.4-4 all
pathfinder: libpathfinder-openssl-1 0.2.4-4 all
pathfinder: libpathfinder-nss-1 0.2.4-4 all
pathfinder: libpathfinder-dev 0.2.4-4 all
paw: libpawlib-lesstif3-dev 1:2.14.04.dfsg.2-6 all
paw: libpawlib-lesstif3-gfortran 1:2.14.04.dfsg.2-6 all
paw: libpawlib2-dev 1:2.14.04.dfsg.2-6 all
paw: libpawlib2-gfortran 1:2.14.04.dfsg.2-6 all
paw: paw++ 1:2.14.04.dfsg.2-6 all
paw: paw-common 1:2.14.04.dfsg.2-6 all
paw: paw-demos 1:2.14.04.dfsg.2-6 all
paw: paw 1:2.14.04.dfsg.2-6 all
petsc4py: python-petsc4py 0.7.5-5build1 all
php-htmlpurifier: php-htmlpurifier 3.3.0-1 all
pperl: pperl 0.25-5 all
pstngw: pstngw 1.3.1-8 all
pxsl-tools: pxsl-tools 1.0-4 all
python-contract: python-contract 1.4-2 all
python-django-djblets: python-django-djblets 0+svn11876-1ubuntu1 all
qd: libqd-dev 2.3.7-2 all
qd: libqd2c2a 2.3.7-2 all
qtjambi: libqtjambi-jni 4.4.3-0ubuntu3 all
qtjambi: libqtjambi-java 4.4.3-0ubuntu3 all
qtjambi: libqtjambi-dev 4.4.3-0ubuntu3 all
qtjambi: qtjambi-demo 4.4.3-0ubuntu3 all
rcalc: rcalc 0.5.0-1.3 all
samba4: samba4 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: samba4-common-bin 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: samba4-clients 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: samba4-testsuite 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: registry-tools 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: libparse-pidl-perl 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: samba4-dev 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: samba-ldb-tools 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: libgensec0 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: libgensec-dev 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: libndr0 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: libndr-dev 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: libdcerpc0 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: libdcerpc-dev 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: libregistry0 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: libregistry-dev 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: winbind4 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: libsamba-hostconfig0 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: libsamba-hostconfig-dev 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: libtorture0 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: libtorture-dev 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: python-samba 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: libsamba-util-dev 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
samba4: libsamba-util0 4.0.0~alpha8+git20090718-1 all
sformat: sformat 3.5-1.2 all
slgtk: slang-gtk 0.7.5-2 all
slib: slib 3b1-3 all
spew: spew 1.0.7-1 all
srtp: libsrtp1-dev 1.4.4~dfsg-2 all
srtp: srtp-docs 1.4.4~dfsg-2 all
srtp: srtp-utils 1.4.4~dfsg-2 all
star: star 1.5final-2ubuntu1 all
textdraw: textdraw 0.2-1 all
tiles: libtiles-java 2.0.6-1 all
tiles: libtiles-java-doc 2.0.6-1 all
tomboy-blogposter: tomboy-blogposter 0.4.3-0ubuntu1 all
turbomail: python-turbomail 2.1-2 all
turbomail: python-turbomail-doc 2.1-2 all
twidge: twidge 0.99.4 all
twisted-calendarserver: python-twisted-calendarserver 0.2.0.svn19773-5ubuntu1 all
uuagc: uuagc 0.9.6-1 all
vdr-plugin-epgsearch: vdr-plugin-epgsearch 0.9.24-3 all
vdr-plugin-extrecmenu: vdr-plugin-extrecmenu 1.1-8build1 all
vnc4: vnc4server 4.1.1+xorg1.0.2-0ubuntu7 all
vnc4: xvnc4viewer 4.1.1+xorg1.0.2-0ubuntu7 all
vnc4: vnc4-common 4.1.1+xorg1.0.2-0ubuntu7 all
xindy: xindy 2.3-2 all
xindy: xindy-rules 2.3-2 all
xorp: xorp 1.5-6ubuntu1 all
xorp: xorp-doc 1.5-6ubuntu1 all
yaird: yaird 0.0.13-5 all
zzuf: zzuf 0.12-1 all
arb: arb 0.0.20071207.1-7ubuntu1 i386 armel ia64 powerpc sparc
arb: libarb 0.0.20071207.1-7ubuntu1 i386 armel ia64 powerpc sparc
arb: arb-common 0.0.20071207.1-7ubuntu1 all
arb: arb-doc 0.0.20071207.1-7ubuntu1 all
basilisk2: basilisk2 0.9.20070407-2 all
freeplayer: freeplayer 20070531+dfsg.1-1 all
freeplayer: fbx-playlist 20070531+dfsg.1-1 all
php-doc: php-doc 20081024-1 all
pose: pose 3.5-9.1ubuntu2 i386 armel ia64 powerpc sparc
pose: pose-profile 3.5-9.1ubuntu2 i386 armel ia64 powerpc sparc
pose: pose-doc 3.5-9.1ubuntu2 all
psyco-doc: python-psyco-doc 1.6-1 all
snes9x: snes9x-x 1:1.5-1 all
squeak-vm: squeak 1:3.9.8-3ubuntu3 all
squeak-vm: squeak-vm 1:3.9.8-3ubuntu3 all
squeak-vm: squeak-plugin 1:3.9.8-3ubuntu3 all
squeak-vm: squeak-image 1:3.9.8-3ubuntu3 all
squeak-vm: squeak-sources 1:3.9.8-3ubuntu3 all
xaralx: xaralx 0.7r1785-2ubuntu1 all
xaralx: libxar-dev 0.7r1785-2ubuntu1 all
xaralx: xaralx-examples 0.7r1785-2ubuntu1 all
xaralx: xaralx-svg 0.7r1785-2ubuntu1 all
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